Colombia Confirms Lineup

30 03 2009


Colombian coach Eduardo Lara confirmed today that his national team will change scheme when they step onto the pitch in Puerto Ordaz against a Venezuelan side that is licking their wounds after returning from Buenos Aires whipped and humiliated.  That still does not avoid the fact that for the visiting Colombians this is a must-win game in a place where they haven’t won since December 15, 1996.   Also with Uruguay and Chile facing off in Santiago, a win in Puerto Ordaz will put them back in the race for a spot in South Africa 2010.

Lara decided to go with a 4-4-1-1 as compared to the 4-3-1-2 that he used against Bolivia.

David Ospina seems to have fulfilled his promise and at 20 years of age he has taken over as the starting goalkeeper for Los Cafeteros. The backline for Colombia will consist of Camilo Zúñiga, Christian Zapata, Mario Yepes, and Luis Núñez. Núñez is the surprise after he was declared the substitute for the suspended Pablo Armero.

The midfield will consist of a “double five” with Abel Aguilar and Gerardo Bedoya.   Vladimir Marín (left) and Macnelly Torres (right) will play on the outside while Carlos Darwin Quintero will drop back and support Radamel Falcao García.  For García, his chances to be the striker for the national team is running out.  He has only scored two goals in 13 caps with the national team.

Confirmed Lineup:  David Ospina (Nice-Fra), Camilo Zuñiga (AC Siena-Ita), Christian Zapata (Udinese-Ita), Mario Yepes (Chievo-Ita), Abel Aguilar (Hércules-Esp), Gerardo Bedoya (Millonarios),   Vladimir Marín (Libertad-Par), Macnelly Torres (Colo Colo- Chi), Carlos Darwin Quintero (Santos Laguna-Mex), Radamel Falcao García (River Plate-Arg)

Mad About Fútbol will be hosting its first-ever chat during the Venezuela-Colombia match Tuesday night in Puerto Ordaz. Join us as we will be talking about the game, other events worldwide, and any other stuff you want to talk about.

Look forward to having you attend.


CONMEBOL Week 11 Results And Standings

29 03 2009


Uruguay took a huge leap towards getting back into the race to qualifying for South Africa 2010 with a convincing win over first place Paraguay at the mythical Centenario in Montevideo.  It was the vanguard (Diego Forlán and Diego Lugano) that scored both goals for Oscar Washington Tabárez’ club.  They will now face a Chile side in Santiago that made history against archrivals Peru.
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Better Start Talking About Africa

22 03 2009

For decades, football pundits have spilled their backhanded praises towards africa.  They are supposed to be the emerging power in the football world yet they are not able to get past the quarterfinals of the world’s greatest sporting event.

Let’s get something straight… Africa has arrived.  They are as much a part of the world footballing spectrum, the reality is that europe and South America Do Not want to admit it, publicly at least.

Yes, there are certain problems in the region socially, economically; and to a exponentially lesser degree at the federation level.  The withdrawal of eritrea and the removal of  Ethiopia were a tremendous black eye for the federation.  yet, you cannot deny that the level of play and athleticism that the other teams showed make this region a just as tough as the big two.

I sure as hell hope that this is their time.   Many have worked for this moment and now they are primed and ready to show the world what they are truly about.   I truly want the six teams to give their best come next winter for them to be major protagonists.  This generation of players are accustomed now to the success of national teams at the different youth levels as well as in the Olympics.  These players are among the elite in some of the world’s best leagues.   I mean they didn’t come from the sky or landed on European Shores by accident.  Quite the opposite, it was the European clubs that went after them.  This generation of african player is not your dad’s

also include the fact that the groups are set up in such a way that the historically best teams in the region will be present in South Africa this coming summer.

Ok, there will be no Senegal this time around as they were bounced in the second round of the  qualifiers.  still you will have the creme de la creme of African football