Boca v River – El Superclásico – Factoids

18 04 2009 VS.

It is the most intense rivalry in the world of football and probably the best rivalry in all of sports. Regardless of the standings this match will determine the bragging rights of Argentine football.  Here are some factoids about this great rivalry:


The 1st Meeting = August 24, 1913 – Result:  River 2 – 1 Boca

The First 1st Division Professional Superclásico = Sept. 20, 1931 –  Result: Boca 1 – 1 River

First Copa Libertadores Meeting =  February 10, 1996 –  Result: River 2 -1 Boca

Most Recent Meeting = February 1, 2009 – Result: Boca 2 – River 0 in 2009 Copa Revancha


183 = the number of Superclásico matches in Argentine 1st division

67 = the number of Boca victories in Superclásico matches in Argentine 1st division

61 = the number of River victories in Superclásico matches in Argentine 1st division

55 = the number of draws in Superclásico matches in Argentine 1st division

322-327 = the estimated number of Superclásico matches in total (1st division, “friendlies”, International, & Amateur Era)

9 = most goals ever scored in a Superclásico – River 5 – 4 Boca – Oct. 15 1972 in Torneo Nacional

22 = the number of  Superclásicos played in the Copa Libertadores [Boca 10 wins, River 6 wins, 6 draws]

56 = the number of Argentine 1st division championships between Boca (23) &  River (33)

8 = the number of Copa Libertadores title beween Boca (6) & River (2)

834-847 = estimated number of goals scored in all Superclásico matches


River’s Ángel Labruna = record holder for most career goals in Superclásicos – 16

River’s Reinaldo Merlo = record holder for most Superclásico appearances – 42

River’s Hernán Díaz = holds the record for career red cards in Superclásicos with 6

Boca’s Pablo Ledesma = scored the fastest goal in Superclásico history – 45 seconds in 2007 Clausura match

Boca’s Diego Maradona = scored 5 goals in 7 Superclásico matches

Boca’s Carlos Cambón = holds the record for most goals by one person in a Superclásico match: 4.  The 4 goals came in his 1st ever match in a Boca shirt in a 5-2 victory in the 1974 Metropolitano tournament.

Alfredo Di Stefano = the only man to coach both River & Boca to championships.  Boca – Nacional ’69 & River – Nacional ’81

Julio César Toresani = the only player in Superclásico history to see red as a player for both River & Boca

There it is, just some of the tidbits that give Boca-River a lot of flavor.



7 04 2009

Yes, how time flies.  We now have posted ten shows in this new cycle.  You know what it could not have been at a better time and with a better guest.  CNN SI’s Greg Sica was with and he taught us about the best hang outs and why everyone in Uruguay loves TITS (not those, you pervs!).  George starts to feel the the effects of strip clubs as well as his new partnership with Dr. Sica as they scrounge the world looking for hot soccer women.

Oh by the way we did talk about  South America, Spain, Champions League, and some CONCACAF in this edition of Mad About Futbol.




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