Barcelona Use Love Drug To Counter Altitude?

9 04 2009

No wonder so many women go to games in Ecuador!

Well that is the first thing that would have come to mind when the rumor first surfaced about Barcelona, the country’s most popular team, was being named in a doping scandal that involved Viagra.

Although there seems to be no evidence of the drug being administered to players prior to their 4-1 loss to Técnico Universitario in Ambato. The club discussed the information, but in no instance were they looking into the distribution of the drug to their players in order to counter the effects of altitude.

What Estada did admit was that the players were given Kobil, which is a medication that contains antioxidants used in the freeing up of free radicals created due to excessive activity in hostile conditions.

Many media outlets were stating that the use of those medications caused the players to have their muscles “stiffen”  (no pun intended).

Ambato is located 50 miles south of Quito and is at 2,577 meters above sea level.