International Factoids: Paraguay

19 04 2009
Paraguay is currently in first place in CONMEBOL and ranked 17th in the latest FIFA rankings.

Paraguay is currently in first place in CONMEBOL and ranked 17th in the latest FIFA rankings.

The Paraguayan national team is currenty atop the standings in CONMEBOL qualifying play.  The Guaranís have established themselves as a power in South America with successes both at the international and club levels.  When you think of Paraguay, players like Roberto Cabañas, Carlos Gamarra, José Amado Nunes, Julio César Romero, Roque Santa Cruz, and who could forget José Luis Chilavert.   Also there were players like former Barcelona and Espanyol star Cayetano Ré who won the Pichichi back in the 1964-65 season. There are also players like Denis Caniza, Claudio Morel Rodríguez, Julio César Cáceres, Nelson Haedo Valdez, and Salvador Cabañas leading the way for the national side.

This new generation of players led by Gerardo Martino is enjoying the benefits of having won the silver medal in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.   They have been also able to bounce back from an underachieving performance in the 2006 World Cup as well as a disappointing end to the 2007 Copa América at the hands of Paraguay.

Currently, the Albirroja are only two points away from securing their ticket to the World Cup for the fourth consecutive time; the fifth time in seven tournaments.  Although brief, Paraguay made their debut in the World back in 1930, but were manhandled by eventual semifinalist- the USA- 3-0 at the Estadio Parque Central in Montevideo.   Since then, there have been several highs and lows.  The highest moment in Parauguayan football was when they played eventual World Cup champ France to until Laurent Blanc scored in the  113th minute.  Four years later that would happen to them against as Oliver Neuville wold score in the dying minutes of the game to leave them out in the knockout stages yet once again.  Now they are ready to make some new memories.

Below are some factoids.  This will consistently grow and/or change in time.

All-Time Caps Leaders

Facts courtesy of Wikipedia and the APF

Player Years Caps (Goals)
Carlos Gamarra 19932006 110 (12)
Roberto Acuña 1993-2006 97 (5)
Celso Ayala 1993-2003 85 (6)
José Saturnino Cardozo 1991-2006 82 (25)
Roberto Fernández 19761989 78 (0)
Juan Bautista Torales 19791989 77 (1)
Denis Caniza 1996-present 77 (1)
José Luis Chilavert 1989-2003 74 (8)
Estanislao Struway 19912002 74 (4)
Carlos Humberto Paredes 1998-present 71 (10)
Julio César Enciso 19952004 70 (2)

All-Time Goalscorers

Player Years Goals (Caps)
José Saturnino Cardozo 1991-2006 25 (82)
Roque Santa Cruz 1999-present 20 (60)
Saturnino Arrúa 19691980 13 (26)
Julio César Romero 1979-1986 13 (32)
Gerardo Rivas 19211926 12 (32)
Carlos Gamarra 1993-2006 12 (110)
Miguel Ángel Benítez 19961999 11 (30)
Gerardo Claus Decker 1983-1988 11 o/g (29)
Juan Bautista Villalba 19451947 10 (22)
Aurelio González 1924-1937 10 (23)
Carlos Humberto Paredes 1998-present 10 (71)
José Luis Chilavert 1989-2003 8 (74)



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20 04 2009
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