This Week On Mad About Futbol…

19 04 2009

George, Juan, and Mike will wrap up the Champions League quarterfinals and see how the semis on the road to Rome look like. The guys will also talk about the upcoming Superclásico in Argentina and why this is the greatest rivalry in the world.

Speaking of big games, we will also talk a bit about the Mexican Superclásico with CNN SI and writer Luis Bueno.

All this along with the latest news from all over the world on Mad About Fútbol.



7 04 2009

Yes, how time flies.  We now have posted ten shows in this new cycle.  You know what it could not have been at a better time and with a better guest.  CNN SI’s Greg Sica was with and he taught us about the best hang outs and why everyone in Uruguay loves TITS (not those, you pervs!).  George starts to feel the the effects of strip clubs as well as his new partnership with Dr. Sica as they scrounge the world looking for hot soccer women.

Oh by the way we did talk about  South America, Spain, Champions League, and some CONCACAF in this edition of Mad About Futbol.




maf Show x.4

Maf Show x.5

MAF Show 9

5 04 2009

This edition of the show were talked about everything… and I mean EVERYTHING!!!

We went worldwide with our topic of The Beautiful Game as we dissected qualifying from all over the world.   So listen to George and Juan (Mike was still recovering from the 6-1 thrashing at the hands of Bolivia) as well as MLSTalk’s Kartik Krishnaiyer, The Third Half’s Johnathan Starling, and MAF newbie Jovannei Arroyo.





This Week On MAF

5 04 2009


The guys will wrap up the weekend in Spain and Italy as well as in Argentina and the rest of South America as well as the MLS alongside MLSTalk’s Kartik Krishnaiyer and Jovannei Arroyo. and writer Greg Sica will be with us to hang out and talk about Copa Lib as well as discuss the fallout from CONMEBOL quallies. He will also give his Champions League predictions as the quarterfinals are about to begin.

This Week On MAF…

1 04 2009

No need to panic, MAF is here to kick some ass!! (SPORT SOCCER WORLD)

In this week’s edition of the show we will wrap up the latest round of international play worldwide ad talk about the most important events to have stood out in past few days.

We will also get back in gear as some of the upcoming matches in some of the top leagues around the world start up once again. We’ll discuss all of this with freelance writer Jovannei Arroyo as well as return George from his hiatus along with a cast of characters that you have come to love and appreciate… here on Mad About Fútbol.

Brazilian fans all over are REALLY excited about George coming back!!!

Brazilian fans all over are REALLY excited about George coming back!!!