7 04 2009

Yes, how time flies.  We now have posted ten shows in this new cycle.  You know what it could not have been at a better time and with a better guest.  CNN SI’s Greg Sica was with and he taught us about the best hang outs and why everyone in Uruguay loves TITS (not those, you pervs!).  George starts to feel the the effects of strip clubs as well as his new partnership with Dr. Sica as they scrounge the world looking for hot soccer women.

Oh by the way we did talk about  South America, Spain, Champions League, and some CONCACAF in this edition of Mad About Futbol.




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Maturana On The Plank In Trinidad

7 04 2009
Trinidad Coach Francisco Maturana (Trinidad & Tobago Express)

Trinidad Coach Francisco Maturana (T& T Express)

According to the Jamaica Gleaner, CONCACAF president Jack Warner is not looking to give national team coach Francisco Maturana complimentary tickets to the World Cup after the Soca Warriors recent performances.  This comes in light of Trinidad’s loss to the US in Nashville 3-0 in the fourth round of the CONCACAF hexagonal.

“I think it was way below expectations of a team that is aspiring to be among the qualifiers for the World Cup finals in South Africa next year,” said Warner, who also serves as FIFA vice-president.

“My concern is that we are not getting the required results. Results are all that matter at the moment and we have to start getting the right ones from the next match.”

The country’s football federation is preparing to meet with the national team’s technical staff later on this week and decide on their future.  Odds are that Warner would be looking for a coach by the end of the week.

The Trinidadian media has also smarted after the loss and has blamed Maturana for this loss as well as last year’s historic defeat at the hands of the “Yanks” worst loss in history, further pushing Paul Caligiuri’s (who 20 years ago crushed the island with his goal at the Halsey Crawford) into distant memories of the past or into the wound that is the island’s soccer history.

His misuse of players and sporadic selection of veteran players that were part of the nucleus of the 2006 team have generated more questions than answers and he could be seeing the door very soon.

US Gets Fairly Accessible Group In Gold Cup

6 04 2009

The two-time defending champion US National Team find themselves in a very accessible group. The Stars and Stripes will be in Group B of this year’s Gold Cup



alongside Haiti, Honduras, and Caribbean minnows Grenada. The big question mark will be how the host nation will treat this tournament as they will have an interesting summer culminating with the Confederations Cup in South Africa.

US lift Gold Cup in 2007 (

US lifts Gold Cup in 2007 (

Group A is definitely the most even group from top to bottom as teams like Costa Rica, Canada, Jamaica, and El Salvador will battle each other.
Group C will be an interesting group to look at as Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, and 2005 Cinderella Guadaloupe.

Listen to MAF when we have US soccer guru Kartik Krishnaiyer on to discuss the groups.

Group A- Costa Rica, El Salvador, Canada, Jamaica
Group B- USA, Haiti, Honduras, Grenada
Group C- Mexico, Guadaloupe, Nicaragua, Panama