New Generation Of Colombians Taking Flight in MLS

15 04 2009
Real Salt Lake defender Jamison Olave (

Real Salt Lake defender Jamison Olave (

Jamison Olave,  Fredy Montero, and Jhon Kennedy Hurtado are three players that have been able to bloom early in the MLS season.  This is great news for those proponents of the approach to bring young Latin American players to the fray.

Sounders forward Fredy Montero (

Sounders forward Fredy Montero (

Montero has become the key to the Seattle Sounder offense. In the two matches that he has played, he has scored three goals and is currently the league’s leading scorer coming into week 4 of the season.  His impact has been immeasurable in the MLS.  He already had Player of the Week honors in his first week as a player in this league.  From the day he was signed by Seattle, us here at mad About Fútbol were singing his praises.  He was supposed to be the future of Colombian football and in South America people are saying that is will be a matter of time until he will be make the trek across the Atlantic.

Seattle Sounders defender Jhon Kennedy Hurtado (

Jhon Kennedy Hurtado in the meantime has developed into a player with a great deal of poise and moxie.  Just a few months ago he was practicing alongside players the likes of Paolo Maldini, Andrea Pirlo, Alessandro Nesta, Kaká, and the rest of the others at AC Milan.  During his time, he stood toe-to-toe with them and had the attitude of seasoned veteran. So he comes in with great attitude as well as confidence. All of which has appeared in the early part of the season.

Is this the group of players that will help save the Colombian national team?  Probably not.   Will their performances at the present time earn them caps?  Probably not.  It hasn’t brought back a player like Juan Pablo Ángel and it took Juan Pablo Toja to have to leave to Europe in order to be in Eduardo Lara’s dossier once again. My question is why? The Colombian league has quickly deteriorated from its glory days of the mid 80’s when América ended up in four consecutive Copa Lib finals. Far away from the the “Domestic Players Only” policy at Atlético Nacional that helped lead to that country’s first-ever Copa Lib title in 1989 and seeing that same team play toe-to-toe against a mighty AC Milan side. So Colombia is one of the leagues in South American that should not be thumbing their nose at an “inferior product”. Colombia need answers in the attacking front and Montero is probably a legitimate answer. He is the different player that a MacNelly Torres and even Radamel Falcao García can feed off of.

Hurtado and Olave would give depth to a backline that is constantly being rotated due to injury and/or suspension. Is it an injustice?  Well let’s see how things are come June, but the odds aren’t good for these players regardless of how they perform.  It is the reality of the game right now teams all over South America. We talked about it with Kartik Krishnaiyer and these three examples that we can use currently. So this is a reason why MLS is not being considered by some of the young up and comers as well as established veterans like Juan Sebastián Verón.

The consensus attitude is, you go to MLS you resign to your national team- at least that is the case in South America.


If I Ran The MLS…

28 03 2009


A couple weeks ago I was a guest on Mad About Futbol and the hosts asked me what I would do if I were the commissioner of the MLS. I kept my answer short and only touched on a couple topics, but in the back of my head was a longer laundry list. So without out further adieu, if the MLS hires me to run the league, here are 8 issues/topics that would be the focus of my reign. Read the rest of this entry »