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Part of the growth of MAF you can see is through our show. Come back frequently to check out the latest on the world of football.  If you come across any technical difficulties, please email us.   Also let us know what you like (or don’t) about our show.  Comment will be read on the air.   Thanks for listening to us.

Show 11

CNN SI’s Luis Bueno will be on to preview America-Chivas and talk a little about Mexican ball.  Kartik Krishnaiyer will also be aon to talk about the lastest in the US World Cup bids of 2018 and 2022.  We will also have the boys for Mundo Albiceleste on to talk about the greatest derby in the world-  Boca-River.

MAF 11.1

Show X

Greg Sica was our guest and we recapped CONMEBOL quallies with him as well as Argentina, Uruguay, and Copa Libertadores.  We also found out about the greatest retail store in the world-  TITS.





Show 9

Kartik & Jonathan were our guests and we recapped WCQs all over the world.   We talked about CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, we even talked about Asia and wanted to find a way for the Faroe Islands and Liechtenstein to finally make it to the World Cup.





Show 8

Juan and Mike are with CNN SI and Goal.com South American editor Greg Sica who makes his debut with MAF boys.  They talked about everything South America prior to World Cup qualifiers.

Show 8.2

Show 8.1

Show 7



Show 6



Show 5


Show 4

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Show 3




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13 04 2009
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