Fox Sports Dropped The Ball Big Time With Superclásico

20 04 2009
Boca Juniors celebrates with Martín Palermo after scoring the first goal of the Superclásico  (Olé)

Boca Juniors celebrates with Martín Palermo after scoring the first goal of the Superclásico (Olé)

I was out and about, listening to the game on my iPhone.  It has become my secret weapon for staying in touch with the football world.  George called me a little after four and was asking me if the game was live.  When he was watching it, the game was in th 19th minute.  In real time the game was in the 4th minute of injury time in the second half.

Marcelo Gallardo and Radamel Falcao García celebrate after equalizing the Superclásico.

Fox in Español did something that was fine for the Mexican market, but completely unacceptable for the rest of the world.  Fox did something that was the equivalent of  footballistic heresy on the Latin American side of the spectrum.  It was incredible, even propostrous to see that this channel preferred showing Indios vs. Pumas live instead of giving this game the respect it is due.   This is not something that is rare in the channel as they had aired the Derby della Madonnina on tape delay in order to show an insignificant Premiership match on tape delay.

I know George was steaming mad because he was ready to sit down and watch a game he was looking forward to watching the world’s greatest rivalry.  So to break to him the news about the final score and goaldscorers was tough as they killed the enthusiasm of the match.  No longer was he looking at the game with excitement.  He now looked at the game with an analytical eye.  He expected Palermo’s goal, and Gallardo’s equalizer, and the goal the Falcao missed.




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