For The Obsessed iPhone User- In Game Now

19 04 2009


It’s Twitter for the soccer fan- but with a twist.

It has what the soccer fan is looking for as far of the MLS and the EPL as far as interaction is concerned.   Live scores of your favorite teams, analysis, and interaction between fans is what give this app such a different perspective of the game.  All of this just a the comfort of your iPhone.

Teams Feature

Teams Feature

With this iPhone app you will have access to live scores, analysis, and fan interaction.

There are five functions that this app offers fans on their iPhone

The Home feature allows anyone to access live scores for all teams based on time.

Schedule and Scores Feature

Schedule and Scores Feature

Through the Discussion and Scores feature you can obtain the latest analysis for everything MLS and EPL as well as other teams that have important fan bases.   You can also find your favorite schedules for various teams in order to follow them in appropriate fashion.  Teams and Scheduling offers you the possibility to access soccer schedules and have the possibilty of interacting with fans that have similar rooting interests.

InGameNow offers fan interaction and posting

InGameNow offers fan interaction and posting

So for anyone interested in having all of these features in one particular app and you are a fan of the EPL and/or MLS, well you have found your newest source.

Let us know what you think about this soccer app.  If you know of any other iPhone apps that would be good to share with Mad About Fútbol readers drop us a line




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