US Gets Fairly Accessible Group In Gold Cup

6 04 2009

The two-time defending champion US National Team find themselves in a very accessible group. The Stars and Stripes will be in Group B of this year’s Gold Cup



alongside Haiti, Honduras, and Caribbean minnows Grenada. The big question mark will be how the host nation will treat this tournament as they will have an interesting summer culminating with the Confederations Cup in South Africa.

US lift Gold Cup in 2007 (

US lifts Gold Cup in 2007 (

Group A is definitely the most even group from top to bottom as teams like Costa Rica, Canada, Jamaica, and El Salvador will battle each other.
Group C will be an interesting group to look at as Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, and 2005 Cinderella Guadaloupe.

Listen to MAF when we have US soccer guru Kartik Krishnaiyer on to discuss the groups.

Group A- Costa Rica, El Salvador, Canada, Jamaica
Group B- USA, Haiti, Honduras, Grenada
Group C- Mexico, Guadaloupe, Nicaragua, Panama




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