Univision Flexes Its Muscle Against Dish Network “Evil”

30 03 2009


Strength comes in numbers and Univision as well as its sister networks Galavisión and Telefutura are not going to be shy to use that to their advantage.  Thre networks  decided to use the corporate version of Populism in order to strong arm Dish Network into not disrupting the signal for these three channels “at any moment”.

In the latest promo, Univision play-by-play man Pablo Ramírez goes on and tells the audience of Dish’s plans to try to stops carrying the aforementioned signals “at any moment”. Ramírez’ promo goes to the next level and brings the point home when he mentions… “No more Mexican League, no more Gold Cup… NO MORE WORLD CUP!!!!”.  He did forget to mention the fact that they will be the official Spanish network of this summer’s Confederations Cup to be held in South Africa.

But there is a reality in the horizon as Wednesday sweeps approach quickly. Univision is currently feeling the economic crunch. According to The Hollywood Reporter Univision Communications . Both Univision and Dish Network have not been able to come to an agreement as far as a new carriage agreement for the upcoming season. Univision posted quarterly losses totalling US$1.99 billion due in part to US$2.25 billion in writedowns and charges. Its year-ago loss amounted to $201.5 million. Quarterly revenue fell 7.8% to $502.1 million.

Worst of all, where will we all go when we want to go to watch insignificant pre-game fluff?  I mean ESPN will not offer us scantly dressed women dancing for absolutely no purpose at all.  Where can we get objective and hard-hitting analysis from models whose ginormous boobs of the artificial kind are ready to pop out of a jersey that is three sizes too small? The scary part is that they make more sense than the Alexi Lalas, Eric Wynaldas, (defintely) Marcelo Balboas.

Univision is the largest Spanish-speaking television network in the United States and has for the past two decades posted the highest ratings as far as World Cup coverage in Spanish is concerned.

Much easier on the eyes than Ramirez…

A few months ago, Dish also decided to “part ways” with Gol TV due to differences at the negotiating table.
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3 responses

1 04 2009

Go for it, Univision. Fischer Communications tried to double their prices with Dish Network for the local ABC affiliate in our market (ABC). After a few weeks, I forgot about the ABC shows and just watched others. Now, I wouldn’t watch ABC if D/N showed them again.

Fischer Communications, Univision need to understand there’s a recesion, and they need to lower costs – not increase them.

1 04 2009
Sarah Montoya

I’m upset about it, really. I purchased a “Latino” package from Dish instead of going with cable (I live in Central Illinois – no Spanish language programming here is local) so I could see these channels, and now they’re going to get rid of them? I am in a 2 year contract with Dish now, and watch Mexican league soccer on these channels every weekend. I think it’s unfair to the consumer either way – Shame on both Dish AND Univision.

9 04 2009
Mundial Futbol Messi

Se agradece la info, vamos argentina carajo para el mundial de futbol en sudafrica 2010 !

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