Found The Solution To Make Soccer Work In Miami

14 03 2009

Last week, the true soccer fans of Miami went out and did their part towards keeping the only professional football side in the Magic City alive. Their Soccer-thon was actions that words could never express. It would be a great travesty if Miami FC does not come back for the upcoming USL season. Odds are that they will be around for one more season just based on this…

Let’s Be honest, Hugo Chávez is the new Fidel Castro in Miami. despite seeing people boo a fan of their own team and country because of his political leanings, On the other hand, I was watching the World Baseball Classic on Saturday and saw how incessant the venezuelan fans were towards players like Magglio Ordoñez. I mean they were giving it hard and heavy to them. They jeered at him for the most minimal thing on the field. Why? POlitics.

“Chavista!” That was the jeer that rained down on the detroit tiger star who is also one of the biggest proponents of the Chávez regime’s policies. In a place like Miami, which has one of the largest and fastest growing Venezuelan populations in the United States, Ordoñez’ beliefs are as popular as “Hola, Presidente”. “Endy Sí, Chávez no” That was the cheer coming down from the stands when Endy Chávez came to Bat.

17,000 fans went to Dolphin stadium to see Venezuela play the Netherlands, and what many present got was the ugly head of nationalism and politics upstaging what occurred on the diamond. 17 thousand Might not be huge numbers for a baseball game, but let’s face it… it’s Miami and there that is considered a sellout. For a team like Miami FC to be able to get 17,000- that would be summed up in one word- Salvation.

That got my gears clickin’. You know what Miami needs in order to support a sport- Enemies. Hey if the world Baseball Classic was able to bring in this much people for a two-hour bitch session, why can’t they do that for soccer as well?

It sounds crazy, but there is a method to my madness. Miami is an event town- not a sports town. There is no city in the world that can dress to the nines and show off in style like Miami. Miami teams need enemies that galvanize its individual communities. Yes, communities. People on the outside talk about the diversity that this town has is a bunch of BS. Diversity has been Miami’s biggest strength as well as its greatest weakness. Diversity is the most divisive element in this community for well over a generation.

It’s a sad reality, but it’s true. People in Miami only go out to events. protests and things of the like in order to bitch, complain, and Express why their country is better than anyone else’s. vent. Soccer has that environment and the cultures there have it in their DNA to use the sport as a way to protest instead of celebrate. Have players come in and talk wonders about Fidel Castro. Have someone say the Cristina Kirchner is the greatest thing since Eva Perón. Have any player say these things and you can be sure that there will be crowds at a soccer game in South Florida.

No this is not right. I am just pointing out how low the morale is in the soccer community in south florida and the amount of healing that needs to be done in order to for a team to come back and be able to toruly tap this market.




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