Bringing Back Joff?

22 05 2008

His performance against San Lorenzo helped Ecuadorian international Joffre Guerrón’s stock in the past 48 hours.   Rumors are ablaze over the possibilty of him returning to Boca Juniors.  Guerrón was part of the Boca youth teams back in 2005, but was shortly sent back to Ecuador where he matured into a phenomenal prospect on the wings for the Xeneize as Rodrigo Palacio’s impending departure looms large.

Guerrón was also vital in eliminating Estudiantes in the third round of the Copa Libertadores as he tore up the Pincharrata defense and scored quite an impressive goal for Liga in Quito.  His performance was also key against San Lorenzo.   The 23-year-old Guerrón was also being looked at by Portuguese champs Porto early in the season as his pace, shot, and dribbling ability that helped him stand out in the end.

“I would love to go to Boca.  It is a club that I am familar with and know that I can succeed there,”  said the young Liga star after his performance at the Nuevo Gasómetro in Buenos Aires.




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